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CycleCoffeeCake celebrates cycling during lockdown

The second CycleCoffeeCake social cycle for women and novices on bikes will take place this Saturday morning, 27 June 2020. Please join us, especially if you or someone you know is new to cycling or has hopped back on the saddle since lockdown. Register here for...

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Love 30 to Change Our Streets

World Bicycle Day saw cross-party support for 30 km/h speed limits for Dublinโ€™s city centre and suburbs. We expect Galway to follow suit. Join us for a special guest speaker event this Wednesday, 17 June 2020, from 8 pm to 9 pm about how lower speed limits will make a...

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Estates and Facilities have installed two new repair stations for cyclists, buggies and wheelchairs. One is at the side of the Buttery and the other is by the Sports centre. A third is to be installed at Dartry. Cheers to E&F, we know this will be useful to many.


A really good article about what @dlrcc are calling their Safe and Quiet Streets initiative.

In simple terms it means cutting rat-running/through-traffic from residential roads/estates/villages and making the space more open to people.

Do have a reid.

The hate being flung at @rodericogorman is all too common for LGBT+ people public in life. And it's too easy to ignore. Solidarty with you Roderic and good luck in your new role.

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