Change Our Streets: public meeting via Zoom

How would you like post-lockdown Galway to be?

Galway Cycling Campaign will host our first public information meeting via Zoom tomorrow evening, Tuesday 12 May at 8pm, to crowdsource ideas for our ‘Change Our Streets’ open conversation with Galway City Council.

Tuesday 12 May, 8pm to 9pm
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 850 4519 8216
Password: 548586

‘Doors’ open at 7.45pm.
‘Drinks’ afterwards until 10pm.

A family cycles the traffic-free Dyke Road during coronavirus

We will give an update about the #ChangeOurStreets campaign and we also want your specific suggestions to improve Galway city to facilitate social distancing in residential, recreational, retail areas.

We have ideas – and we want more!

Please test your technology in advance. We are not in a position to give tech support.

We will gather specific suggestions of areas to improve and submit these to Galway City Council. This will deepen our conversation on how we can together ‘Change Our Streets’ to protect the physical well-being and mental health of all residents of all ages and all abilities, especially the very young and those who are vulnerable.


7 responses to “Change Our Streets: public meeting via Zoom”

  1. pj Avatar

    Why is the wide Lough Atalia roadside path barred to cyclists ?

  2. Lisa Hanly Avatar
    Lisa Hanly

    Please connect Doughiska to Parkmore with a continuous cycle lane.

  3. Chris Dwyer Avatar
    Chris Dwyer

    Please connect Doughiska and Parkmore with a continuous bicycle lane.

  4. Davina Avatar

    A continuous cycle path from Parkmore to doughiska would be very helpful

  5. Andrew Madden Avatar
    Andrew Madden

    Please connect doughiska to parkmore with a continuous cycle lane.

  6. dermot Avatar

    DMURS -start here . drop speed limits to 30kph with enforcement.decrease parking spaces in city centre .all 1 way streets 2 way for bikes ,remove railings from eg traffic lights opp fire station .get police cycling (fix bikes ).roll out cargo bike deliveries,subsidised by council .widen footpaths .cycle repair stations around galway .review of galwaybikes,why not being used .regular monitoring of cycling numbers as per best practise .consider commuter and recreational in all consideration .bike parking (market street finally got some ,well done .french gov just gave 50 euro to anyone to fix bike .

  7. Jessie Avatar

    Cycling, while not a panacea, can contribute to a solutions for many of the crises facing Ireland today. I’m talking about transport (which affects climate change and biodiversity loss), mental health (which exercise can help with in some cases) and obesity. The traffic and the knock on effects that has on peoples time and stress levels is also something that cycling can address. We will need cycle lanes, safe parking, public awareness campaigns, support for grassroots movements. Dublin is a city where you see many different types of cyclist negotiating their way through traffic. I would see bus stop posters with voices from cyclists with diverse lifestyles saying why they cycle. We don’t have the best weather but there are ways around that.

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