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Galway Cycling Census Map

Please allow a while for map to load... Click here for full-screen map Explanation: what's all this? As part of Census 2016 everyone in Ireland on Census night had where they live along with the location of their workplace, school or college recorded and processed....

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AXA Community Bike Rides (Galway)

On your bike Free social leisure rides for adults of all ages. Looking for a reason to get back on your bike? Here’s your opportunity. Follow your leader, meet new people, get some exercise and socialise in a small, local group. Sign up to Galway events, led by Dan...

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@NoonanJoe As a civil engineer this mortifies me. Galway is riddled with 20m long "cycle lanes" along with signage saying "cycle lane ahead" and said cycle lane just stops dead after a few metres 🤦‍♀️

The Gardaí are currently clamping down on misbehaviour by all road users, including cyclists, so please inform yourself about the specific offences for which cyclists can be fined.
The full list of fixed charge offences for cyclists is outlined below. (Thread)

Obeying red lights is a given, but on what basis is @GardaTraffic issuing documentation instructing cyclists to wear helmets and hi-vis clothing? These are not legal requirements but one could be forgiven for thinking they are if the police are telling people to wear them?

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