September ’09 Cycling Campaign marks mobility week with competition in Uni

GCC Bike Stand Sep 09

GCC Bike Stand Sep 09

On the 24th of September the GCC marked mobility week ’09 with an “edutainment” event in NUI, Galway.  There was a competition using the information signs from the summer bicycle treasure hunt which were arrayed along the main concourse.  (Reputedly the longest enclosed space in the country). University vice president Keith Warnock, sponsored two bicycles worth EU250 each and mountain trail sponsored some bike accessories.   To enter the draw participants had to answer questions on measures to promote cycling and improve safety. The information signs covered the usual suspects: Roundabouts, one-way streets, permeability, cycle-parking, 30kph zones and so on.

The stand was manned in shifts by a team of GCC members: Indiana, James, Amy, Martin, Justyna, Oisin, Andrew, Catherine, Fionnuala.

The winners of the competition were Jennifer O’Grady, Eimear Tuohy and Brendan Dineen.

Indie and Catherine fight off last minute entrants as they try to take the stand down

Indie and Catherine fight off last minute entrants as they try to take the stand down

The event  really got the message out there and was an event worth repeating we have had more people express interest in getting involved as a result.   Big thanks go from the committee to all who helped out.  Particular thanks go to Indie Olbert who was our contact with the college and made it happen on the day.

Mobility week bike winners with college VP Keith Warnock

Mobility week bike winners

Anybody from Tuam out there?

Hi Folks,

Need urgent Help. Does anybody have detailed knowledge of cycling
conditions for the roads in and around Tuam Town or would be able to
put me in contact with someone who would know?
The Campaign have cycling maps for the following towns

1: Ballinasloe
2: Gort
3: Loughrea
4: Clifden
5: Athenry

Also “Galway City” is mapped.

This is a link to a pdf copy of the Warrington map;

this is the map we hope to recreate for Galway City and have the
County Towns
on the reverse side of the Map, Tuam is the only town that we dont
have knowledge of.

Instead of showing only specific cycle routes and other facilities,
the map
categorises the entire highway network according to the degree of
skill and
experience needed for cycling. This classification is linked to levels
of cycling competence prescribed by the (UK)National Cycle Training
The map is based on the following principles:

• All roads are cycle routes, but the skill level needed for using
them varies according to traffic volume and speed and the complexity
road design. (The level of skill is indicated by colour coding the
roads and junctions.) • The map should have the widest possible
audience and provide information useful to cyclists of all abilities.
• Whilst designated cycle routes and other facilities are clearly
shown, they should not dominate the map.
• The map as a whole should provide a do-it-yourself tool to enable
any individual, irrespective of their ability, to work out the route
that is best for them.


Cycling Instruction?

This is a forum topic to see if there is any interest among Galway Cycling Campaign members to receive cycling tuition. This is just to get feedback on numbers interested.
Two members of the Galway Cycling Campaign have recently done the UK National Standard Cycling Instructor course in Manchester and London in December 2008.
See the following link for more info:

The UK National Standard
“A training and education process that enables clients to make the cycling trips of their choice, more often, more safely”
There are three National Standard levels:
Level 1 is usually covered in a traffic free environment. Those completing Level 1 will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip and undertake activities safely in a motor traffic free environment and as a pre-requisite to a road trip.

Level 2 is covered on quiet roads but with real traffic conditions. Those completing Level 2 will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip safely to school, work or leisure on quiet roads

Level 3 is covered on busy roads incorporating real traffic conditions and advanced road features. Those completing Level 3 will be able demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip safely to school, work or leisure on busy roads and using complex junctions and road features.
Many members maybe interested in the Level 2 to reinforce cycling skills and especially Level 3 if they have difficulties in negotiating complex junctions.

Chamber of Commerce Suggestion

Hi all,

I saw this, thought we might suggest something similar for the CoCommerce meeting that is coming up re: transportation in Galway

Any feedback?