Cycling Instruction?

This is a forum topic to see if there is any interest among Galway Cycling Campaign members to receive cycling tuition. This is just to get feedback on numbers interested.
Two members of the Galway Cycling Campaign have recently done the UK National Standard Cycling Instructor course in Manchester and London in December 2008.
See the following link for more info:

The UK National Standard
“A training and education process that enables clients to make the cycling trips of their choice, more often, more safely”
There are three National Standard levels:
Level 1 is usually covered in a traffic free environment. Those completing Level 1 will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip and undertake activities safely in a motor traffic free environment and as a pre-requisite to a road trip.

Level 2 is covered on quiet roads but with real traffic conditions. Those completing Level 2 will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip safely to school, work or leisure on quiet roads

Level 3 is covered on busy roads incorporating real traffic conditions and advanced road features. Those completing Level 3 will be able demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip safely to school, work or leisure on busy roads and using complex junctions and road features.
Many members maybe interested in the Level 2 to reinforce cycling skills and especially Level 3 if they have difficulties in negotiating complex junctions.

Chamber of Commerce Suggestion

Hi all,

I saw this, thought we might suggest something similar for the CoCommerce meeting that is coming up re: transportation in Galway

Any feedback?

TO BE REMOVED Galway Cycling Campaign Monthly Meeting: May 2007: Minutes

GCC May Monthly Meeting Date: 14-05-2007

Venue: Room AC201, Concourse, NUI, Galway.

Apologies: Indie, Kristin

Members present:
Stan Carey,
Stephane Corlosquet,
Shane Foran,
Oisin Ó Nidh,
Fionnuala Walshe
Simon Comer,
Alan Burke
Cormac Lovett
Michael Cuddy
James Sloane,
Ruiari Osborne,
Daniel Coonan

Topics of Discussion

1st: Introductions made to new Members

2nd: Alan read the Meeting minutes for April 2007 seconded by Stan

3rd: Open discussion
Galway First letter (in response to Drunken Cyclists article) and Irish Independent letter from Michael O’ Shea (Irish Heart Foundation) read out.
Simon spoke with Michael O’ Shea in relation to his letter to the Times
Shane suggested people who wish to respond just use 2/3 points max in making points in response

Main Items

1 Manifesto for “Cycling in Galway” (vision for future cycling
infrastructure of Galway)

Michael suggested that we create a “Manifesto for Cycling in Galway”.
A best case scenario for cycling in Galway. Discussion on creating a framework for this.
Main points to include in this manifesto:
1.1 Bicycle Parking. Dispersed Bicycle Parking around the City
1.2 Enforcement of Traffic Regulations (Speeding)
1.3 The Compulsory Use of Cycling Facilities
-> Shane will send out link for the “Manual for Streets” and UK based
Guidelines from Cycling England
1.4 One Way Streets – Should be 2 Way for Cyclists. (Reducing Speeds
is the first step for this)
1.5 Galway’s Roundabouts
1.6 Tax Relief for Bikes and related Cycling Infrastructure
1.7 Michael discussed a Galway Coastal Way – Continuation of Cycling
Way from South Park along the Prom. Shane outlined discussions we have had with the Harbor Board re Docks
redevelopment plans for a Cycling Way on the Eastern Side of the city

2 EU Road Safety Week 23rd -> 29th April
Simon outlined the successful promotion on Saturday the 28th on
Mainguard Street from 13h00 -17h00
Share the Road Leaflet for Motorists where handed out along with
“Cycling in Galway” Leaflets and
Share the Road Leaflet for Adult Cyclists.
Around 1000 leaflets in total handed out.
A Bike Parking Petition to have more bicycle stands installed in
Galway City was also setup.
Questions where asked should we endorse the”UN Road Safety Charter” as one of its recommendations was the
Compulsory Use of Cycling Helmets?

3 Bike Workshop
Application to NIB has been sent. Simon has had no response from them yet.

4 Dublin Road
The Dublin Road between Duggan’s and GMIT – the outbound carriageway is to be widened to 4.00m (Should be 4.25m or greater DTO Design Guidance)
Plans where available for Inspection in City Hall
This was acknowledged as a positive for Cyclists as this issue was
highlighted by us in the past. With construction of the Inbound Bus Lane this reduced the width of the Outbound Carriageway.
Currently the Outbound carriageway is 3.25m. This is probably the
first major retro works carried out just for cyclists by the Roads Department of Galway City Council.

5 Seamus Quirke/Bishop O’Donnell Road
Simon and Bart had a meeting with Billy Cameroon – outlined main
points in relation to our objections
to the proposed SQ Road.

Billy suggested we specify what’s wrong, how to fix it and create a
motion to bring before the council.
Nine Councilors votes needed to have the Seamus Quirke Road changed.

Bart has created a A4 document – outlying our main points.

Main Points against proposed Seamus Quirke/Bishop O’Donnell Road.
5.1 Off Road Cycle Lanes between Junctions
5.2 Cycle Lanes are created Inside Left Only Turning Traffic Lanes
5.3 Yield Signs at Bus Stops
5.4 Sharing of Cycling Paths with Pedestrian Paths at specific pinch
points along the Seamus Quirke/Bishop O’Donnell Road
5.5 Proposed Pedestrian Overpass opposite Church and Aldi junction
Simon stated that in conversation from Michael D. Higgins – that the
Local Communities groups wanted to have an Overpass??
Shane stated he had not heard this brought up within the Galway
Community Forum.

5.6 Galway City Council Transport Committee Meeting
5.7 Actions to be taken. Simon will meet Mary Leahy the new
Chairwoman, before the next Galway City Council Transport Committee Meeting on May 28th

6.0 Zebra Crossing on Sandy Road at the Marriott Hotel Roundabout
Not a raised Crossing – however it will slow speeds on the roundabout
making it safer for Cyclists
Railings introduced on the roundabout are not welcomed however.
Reason for Pedestrian Crossing (Lights and Zebra) is due to local
residents associations

6.1 Actions to be taken. Simon will issue positive Press Release re
Zebra Crossing

7.0 :: See e-mail Meeting Minutes

8.0 Leaflet Holders
Simon will loan the GCC 6 leaflet holders to see how they would work
in distributing our leaflets 2 Holders have capacity for 4 different leaflets and 4 are for single batch leaflets.
Locations to place Leaflet Holders
8.1 NUIG
8.2 NCT Center
8.3 GMIT
8.4 TAX Office
8.5 County Council Buildings
8.6 City Council Buildings
If successful GCC will purchase from Simon.

9.0 Cycling Education
Michael discussed could we distribute Leaflets to local schools
Shane stated that current leaflets are not appropriate for children.
Alan outlined how we could with outside help bring in external Cycling Instructors to guide school children in cycling.

10 Newspaper Column
Michael brought up the possibility of having a Cycling Column in
a local paper
He will discuss issue with Ronnie O’ Gorman, Galway Advertiser.

11.0 PIZZA Night
Social Event for the Galway Cycling Campaign Members
Needed someone to setup a Pizza night? Good for publicity? Run after
11.1 Bicycle Ride – anyone willing to create a small bicycle tour for
members at
weekends/long bright summer evenings?

12 AGM
Next meeting is the AGM meeting of the Galway Cycling
Campaign and will be held in
Room AC201, Concourse, NUI, Galway.

Cycling on the Prom

Hi all,

The following is an account of what happened to my friend and I while cycling the section of the prom behind the Golf Range this morning at 8.30am

As many of you will know, the knocknacarra-salthill road is extremely busy in the morning times with commuter and ‘the-dropping-the-kids-to-school’ traffic.

The footpaths are too narrow to allow pedestrians and cyclists, and the road is too narrow to safely cycle alongside the motorists…so as an alternative, we chose to take the quieter coastal section of the prom to avoid this dangerous traffic, and took the road down by the caravan parks and golfing range, that leads to black rock.

As we turned down this road, we noticed four other cyclists ahead of us…who were probably thinking the same thing…avoid the traffic, and take the longer, but safer approach…

Well, to cut a long story short, we were met by two very irate ‘early morning walkers’, about half way along the section.

They proceeded to shout at us, telling us that we had no right to be cycling on the prom, and that there are signs everywhere telling us this.

We were on our way to work, but stopped to see what all of the fuss was about…as we were causing no trouble to them, and could have gone on about our cycle, but instead turned back to hear their side of the argument.

It turned out that one of the walkers was struck by a cyclist on the paved section of the prom on the previous day, and she was obviously venting her anger at the next set of cyclists she met along the prom.

We said that we were sorry that a cyclist had hit her, and told her that it wasn’t our fault, and not to be getting upset with us.

They were both fuming at us, with one of them yelling “you’ve absolutely no right to be here, we’ve been walking here for the passed 5 years!”

I never heard such rubbish. What a silly argument.

We were disgusted at their attitude in that they couldn’t possibly conceive of both pedestrians and cyclists SHARING this space.

They then proceeded to say “…and I bet you’re gonna cycle on the prom when you get there too?”

…to appease them, we said we weren’t…but in hindsight, I wish I’d said “yeah, why shouldn’t we…there’s nobody out walking the prom at this hour!”

So, that was that, and we went on about our day. We cycled the prom, and I plan on cycling the prom every morning (not evenings as it’s too busy).



PS – As cyclists, I can empathise with this walker, as some cyclists are very aggressive when cycling the prom, but taking this out on random cyclists is ridiculous. It has, however, forced me to sign up to this site and post this comment in the hope that a debate on this issue can take place here. I am new to this site, so apologies of a similar debate is already taking place in another thread.

Based on the above, what do you, my fellow Galway cyclists, think of:

A) Our right to cycle the prom (even if only during morning commuter times?)
B) Our ability to lobby the Galway City Council to paint a white line along the prom allowing cyclists, bladers etc all of the time?

All comments welcome.