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On your bike Free social leisure rides for adults of all ages. Looking for a reason to get back on your bike? Here’s your opportunity. Follow your leader, meet new people, get some exercise and socialise in a small, local group. Sign up to Galway events, led by Dan...

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A spoof letter? @declanvarley

"It's a miracle nobody has not been killed"

Doesn't understand right filter lights.

"When was the last time you ever heard any public representative or...journalist speaking up for the overtaxed motorist?"

Your Galway cousin @dublinmotorists?


Letter in today's @galwayad

@coconutlulz @ccferrie @IBIKEDublin I'm a driver. I would like to cycle but I'm too scared. I know people that have been killed. My husband, when cycling, was hit by a car three times. A number of friends have been hit by cars and badly injured. The whole infrastructure needs overhaul!

If the bypass is there to remove through motor-traffic, can you point towards the significant upgrades to street design in Enniscorthy which will make cycling or walking more appealing and safer, by restricting through traffic in the town itself?

Joe Reilly@JoeGalwayjoe

You obviously haven't been stuck in the grid of Ferns and Enniscorthy. It's about safety as much as time.

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