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Roads down the west of the city properly clogged up this morning on my way to work.

For decades @GalwayCityCo and "business interests" have worked to encourage (force?) people to drive cars everywhere, any time, for any reason.

This was really bearing fruit this morning.

From Mayo to Macroom, the road goodies are being sprinkled about key constituencies today.

A 22km dual-carriageway in Cork for €280m.

One of the key messages from our Dutch colleagues was that whatever infrastructure you put in will be used - more roads = more cars. Give people the safe infrastructure and they'll choose to cycle or walk. Every new project includes provision for non car mobility

Incredible to witness school closing time one of the days. Not an SUV to be seen! Barely an increase in traffic. Then a flood of young people of all ages on bikes heading safely home or on to hockey or football training. Felt like I was on another planet!

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