Cycle Campaign welcomes Renmore road works

The Galway Cycling Campaign has welcomed the road works on the Dublin Road in Renmore. “We are particularly relieved to see the outbound lane widening going ahead from Duggans shop to Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) at the Skerritt Roundabout” said campaign chairperson Shane Foran. The issue of the narrow lane width on this section of road has been a matter of concern for almost four years with cyclists calling for an “urgent redesign” since the original inbound shared bus/cycle lane was opened in 2005. The cyclists have also welcomed the efforts the designers made for the section of road from Moneenageisha Cross to the Renmore Road signalised junction (Duggan’s Shop). In contrast to 2005, the cyclists have acknowledged the effort to take cyclists into account in the current scheme with a wide lane being retained going into town. The cycling campaign is also welcoming the proposed adaptation to the Renmore traffic lights where “Advanced Stop Lines” are to be marked to assist cyclists. In their submission to the consultation process, the cyclists expressed reservations about the width of the new outbound shared bus/cycle lane and argued for further widening. However, they also suggested that if a wider climbing lane is not currently possible, the drawing up of a Code of Practice for all users of the shared bus/cycle lane might address this potential conflict point. The Cycling Campaign has its next public meeting in the Galway Social Space project Middle Street on Monday 10th November from 7 to 9 pm all concerned cyclists are welcome.






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    For further Galway Cycling Campaign discussions on the Dublin Rd proposals please click HERE

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