#ChangeOurStreets – here’s our specific suggestions

Following wide engagement with residents, communities and businesses across the city, Galway Cycling Campaign has made a 20 page submission of specific suggestions to #ChangeOurStreets to improve mobility in Galway City during coronavirus.

Kevin Jennings, chairperson of Galway Cycling Campaign, said: “We received over 100 suggestions from people who live, work, study and trade in our city. We have reviewed, collated, filtered and reduced these to 60+ suggestions that could be quickly and cheaply implemented as per our city’s Roadmap and Framework mobility plans for Covid-19.”

Download here the Specific Suggestions to the City Mobility Team, submitted on Thursday 21 May 2020.

1 submission. 20 pages. 60+ suggestions.

The submission includes the idea that city centre streets be opened up to people walking and cycling through ‘Share With Care’ zones.

There are also ideas to tweak and complement the Galway Transport Strategy (2016) Primary Cycle and Greenway Network.

New creative ideas are need to improve mobility and maintain safe social distancing

Regarding road design and layout, there are suggestions to improve stacking lanes, roundabouts, traffic signal management, and traffic calming.

Galway Cycling Campaign and our #ChangeOurStreets supporters look forward to liaising closely with the City Mobility Team.


3 responses to “#ChangeOurStreets – here’s our specific suggestions”

  1. Niall Murphy Avatar
    Niall Murphy

    If public transport capacity is reduced, journey times by bike or on foot should be posted on bus stops to help people consider these alternatives. In normal times it would seem mad for the bus people to advertise the alternatives, but these are not normal times.

  2. Eoin Avatar

    Fairly obvious but If there is increased cyclists then there needs to be increases bike parking . More sheffield stands needed. Use of some existing steet furniture (signs) fitted with rings for parking. “Abandoned” bikes need to be identified, tagged and removed within 2 weeks and donated to an rothar meithiel.

  3. Eoin Avatar

    Consideration for widening of black tarmac path from lake shore drive Renmore onto the Dublin rd to accomadate cyclists

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