Survey on Walking/Cycling Infrastructure

Vulnerable road users at the Headford Rd. (Tesco) roundabout

Vulnerable road users at the Headford Rd. (Tesco) roundabout

The Galway City Community Forum has compiled an excellent survey on cycling and walking in Galway. Pleas fill in the survey here.

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Members of the Galway City Community orum‘s transport group who met last week feel that this survey is much more relevant to the needs and concerns of pedestrians and cyclists than the survey recently promoted by the council’s consultants, and that it is more in line with the Forum’s transport policies.

However, we need to ensure that the survey is completed by a substantial number of local residents to ensure its authenticity before we submit and publicise the results. The results could put considerable pressure on the council to put proper cyclist/pedestrian infrastructure in place, especially if government funds are secured under the Smarter Travel initiative.

Because of the survey’s level of detail, a street-based campaign alone may not succeed: it is not something (as with a petition) that can be completed in 30 seconds from a stall on Shop Street on a Saturday afternoon. So we would be very grateful if you could set aside a few minutes to complete it and pass it on to friends and colleagues.

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  1. Not at all Blanaid – this survey isn’t the Galway City Council survey. This survey was produced for the Galway City Community Forum in response to the gaps found in the survey produced by the City Council. So please take a look at this one and pass it on to your friends to complete also.

  2. James

    thanks, so what happens to the survey results once you have it complete ?

    Perhaps also we could have a design competition for a bike bridge over the corrib, similar to the recent one for the docks area ?

    I posted about it here


  3. Hi Blánaid

    This is actually in the city development plan. It was a “millenium” project back in 2000. The plan was to put a pedestrian/cyclist bridge accross the Corrib beween Wood Quay and NUI, Galway using the old piers for the Clifden railway bridge.

    What killed it was that that yacht/rowing club objected to having pedestrians passing over their property.



  4. that’s a shame. You;d think they would look at the greater good.

    I heard something also in the papers about a ‘greenway’ starting at fisheries field, is that the same scheme or something different ?


  5. Hi Blánaid

    Yep there is a longstanding aspiration in the campaign to see the old railway alignment along the Corrib through the NUI, Galway campus developed as a recreational route. The University have now apparently also seen the merit in this project and have obtained funds to put a pedestrian bridge accross the canal at fisheries fields. I am not clear what funding they have if any to develop the riverside section.



  6. Hi,

    Just to reask Blánaid’s question,
    what happens to the survey results once you have it complete?



  7. Hi Lewy

    That will be a matter for the Community Forum Steering Group. Ideally the Forum will publish all the results and use them to inform local policy makers on directions for future policy.

    It will remain to be seen what gets published – there has been an attempt from the Galway Transportation Unit to have the whole survey suppressed on the grounds that there is an “Agenda” on roundabouts (which aren’t mentioned in the city council survey). There have also been objections to asking questions about the influence the Garda have on the situation.

    There is all kinds of turmoil under the surface. If you want to see it published in full, best thing is to get involved and make your voice heard. Also the more people who fill it in the harder it becomes to ignore it or keep it quiet. So if you know anyone who hasn’t filled it in yet maybe ask them if they will have a go?



  8. Shane

    In the interests of openness you would need to publish the survey results in full. Selective publishing of some results would give an impression that favourable data is being used to support the pursuit of specific agendas.

    Can you also publish here the following

    1. Submission that Galway Cycling campaign made to the Walking/Cycling strategy

    2. Any other written submissions made to local or national government bodies in 2009

    3. A register of members interests – are GCC members also members of political parties or bodies?



  9. Hi Blánaid,I think it’s very clear from Shane that we want to see it published in full. My view is that the raw data from should be published (with personal identifying information removed to comply with privacy and data protection issues) and that’s the view shared in the cycling campaign committee. The survey is published by the Community Forum which is under pressure as Shane described so again I’d recommend making your call for transparency known.

    For points 1 and 2, we’ve been talking about an end of year summary to point people to all of the activities and that would include publication of all our correspondence. When that’s published it will appear here on the site as well as the mailing list. You’re also more than welcome to attend any of the meetings of the campaign if you ever want to come by and hear more.

    For point 3 on member interests, we don’t collect that information from the general membership. In terms of the committee there is a clear policy that no political party exert any influence. If you review the archives of this site you will see that no favour is ever shown to any of the political parties – a conscious decision. It’s a point of order that is always set down for any of our activities. From a personal perspective, I keep my politics on my own site or – for the record here I’m not nor have ever been a member of any political party (in Ireland or any of the other countries I lived in).

  10. Hi Blánaid,

    James has summarised our position re party politics. As regards me personally, I am a serving member of the Defence Forces Reserve. I am legally precluded from involvement in party politics and I have always been scrupulous to avoid any suggestion of party political affiliation.



  11. Hi Jim,

    The Galway City Community Forum is the owner of the survey as such, so it would be they who publish it. This isn’t something that has happened yet though I understand it has been agreed their that the results will be released. Getting people’s views out there is a good thing so I hope we would see it happen soon and can get some articles out on the various results and comments. Hope that helps – let me know if there’s any other queries. Apologies for the delay getting back to you – was overseas for a project recently so I’m just catching up on non-work items now. This morning was my first cycle since I got back at the weekend!

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