Bike Parking

Very clever bike park 🙂

and now for something completely different… An elevated Bikeway!

Norwegian Bike Lift

An amazing idea and one which I wholeheartedly endorse, especially for the poor citizens of nearly vertical Cork

Mario 🙂

Kerb modifications

Can we get organise for the City Council, maybe in alliance with disability groups, to get every road kerbing in the city modified to allow safe access by bicycles, wheelchairs, rollerbladers etc. – I find the most unsafe and wearing part of cycling in this fair town of ours is the constant getting off\getting on of kerbs (yes, I cycle on ‘foot’paths, I ain’t cycling with those luantics!).

It can’t cost a huge amount of money budgeted and costed over a few years and would definitely encourage some to try cycling and others to stick at it because, let’s face it, cycling in this town is not exactly a Dutch affair!!

Tax Free Bikes

Hey Folks,

I came across this on the website. Over the UK and Northern Ireland they have a Green Transport Plan i.e tax free scheme for bikes.

  • Government Green Transport Plans have opened the door to employees getting up to 50% off the retail price of new bikes and equipement. Payments are made monthly via salary deuctions which can save both the employer and employee tax. Two organisations, Booost and Cyclescheme, undertake the administration of the company scheme once the criteria have been agreed upon with the employer. See or for more details. Read more in an article in This is Money on”
  • We have a tax free scheme for buying yearly public transport tickets for CIE
    Dublin Bus

    Iarnród Éireann

    Bus Éireann

    and the Luas as well

    Why not for Bikes??
    Its pretty much the same method,
    Any ideas or thoughts on this? What ya think? Should we push for something similar here in Ireland?



    Good Cycle Routes in Galway

    Here you can post information of where you think is a good cycle route in Galway.

    This can help other cyclists who may be unaware of shortcuts, good road surfaces, favourable traffic conditons or something else that makes a particular route a good one.