Seamus Quirke Road selection tendering process currently underway

Finally Galway City Council are undertaking the tendering process for the Seamus Quirke Road.
Contractor for Quirke Road expansion to be appointed
Contractor for Quirke Road expansion to be appointed

The planning go-ahead was given by An Bórd Pleanála way back in 2002 subject to few conditions. i.e remove the proposed roundabouts and put in traffic lights and to place the cycle paths/track on the road approaching said traffic light junctions.
I wonder why its taken 6 years – make traffic so bad in the area that the only solution is to build an outer by-pass? God Forbid a Bus lane would have a modal shift of getting people out of their cars!

There are a few issues that the Cycling Campaign had with the NEW design, i.e no need for Cycle Paths as there will be Bus Lanes and the Cyclists will be on the road at junctions anyhow. Also have issues re Car stacking at the Lights making junctions very tight(See the current University College Hospital Galway Traffic Light Junction on NewCastle Road for an example of this) + left only turning lanes onto the Seamus Quirke Road.
We had a meeting with the City Engineers and the Consulting Engineers – but none of our suggestions taken on board other than making sure the ASL(Advanced Stop Lines) would be made 5m in length(minimum) at the traffic light stops.
For futher information on our efforts carried out in relation to the schmes check out the following:
Cyclists call on Transport Minister to back up cycling focus by blocking hostile road plans

Also check out our “Policy Document” on our opposition to cycle tracks/paths:

That the Galway City Community Forum Rejects the use of Roadside Cycle Tracks in Galway City.
Adopted by the Galway City Community Forum quarterly meeting, October 2nd 2003

If anybody has extra links to submissions we made re Seamus Quirke Road, please add them as a comments






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