Positive feedback loop

“Life has become better and easier for cyclists simply because there are more of them”

[Ben Laurence in the Times]

Unfortunately the loop works both ways…






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  1. oonidh Avatar

    Stan your statement ” Unfortunately the loop works both ways…” has been shown to be true by a CSO(Central Statistics Office) report released today! Ireland is going the other way. 15.11.2007 on the http://www.rte.ie Business Section they have the following news item

    22% more drive to work – report”

    The number of people driving to work by rose by over 225,000 between 2002 and 2006, an increase of 22%, according to a new report from the Central Statistics Office.

    Of the 1.7m workers in the State in April 2006, almost 1.1m (57%) drove a car to work – up from 55% in 2002.

    When combined……..

    The only positive result from the report was the number of rail users has dramatically risen – this is due to the two Luas lines (that do not meet) in Dublin. No statistics given on numbers cycling or walking to work/school.

  2. Stan Avatar

    Thanks for the link Oisín — at least the Luas figures are heartening, and suggest strongly that more people would use public transport if it’s a half-decent service.

    No cyclist/walker numbers presumably because such entities don’t exist…

  3. oonidh Avatar

    Yes unfortunatly you are correct re cyclists and walkers. CSO have published some tables that might be of interest re modes of transport.
    -> Tables 19-30 Education and Travel

    Or click here to go directly to the relevant document.

    Most impressive figure in the document has to be “Table 24 Children at school aged between 5 and 12 years, usually resident in the State, classified by
    sex, distance travelled and means of travel to school
    ” There are 3 boys who travel 25 to 49 kilometres by Bike. That is a huge distance. They will be able to do a full Tour de France by time they are 18!!

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