Information on Shared Road Markings

Simon has been doing some research on Share Road markings.

Attached below are 3 comprehensive documents about the practice.

To accompany the reading material I would like to suggest the following questions (anyone else can add their own queries and comments to the pot as we proceed):

1. How relevant and applicable are the Brisbane/Australia and San Francisco/USA experiences to Galway/Ireland?

2. To borrow the SWOT technique: what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats do you see in the concept of Shared Lane Road Markings (SLRMs) in terms of their potential use in Galway?

3. Unlike this here town, roundabouts don’t feature hugely in the cycling landscape illustrated in the attached documents. How might SLRMs be integrated with the roundabouts that are so cherished by Galway City Council Roads Dept?

4. As a paper exercise initially, what SHORT route would you suggest as a pilot project for SLRMs in Galway, and why? Aspects to think about could include likely number of road users (pedestrians, bikes, motorbikes, cars, buses and trucks), work, school, recreation, existing road layouts (parking, traffic lights, junctions, etc) and hazards. Consider also, given the attached details of how SLRMs work, where the markings might be physically placed on this specific route. Would it be sensible, for reasons of manageability, to limit the length of this hypothetical route to 2km or less?

5. The Australians found it helpful to make their SLRMs yellow. What significance does colour have in road markings in Ireland?

The above should keep you absorbed for about 5 minutes.

Perhaps we can discuss any responses at the next GCC meeting.








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