Social cycle/ Cycle and Swim to celebrate the Autumn Equinox

Cycle your own way to Salthill and join us at Blackrock diving tower with the regular Blackrock swimmers to celebrate the Autumn Equinox at dawn. 

The Autumn Equinox, or Cónocht an Fhomhair, is the halfway point in the year between the Summer and Winter solstices. It marks a turning point in the Celtic calendar. It celebrates equilibrium and balance.

The hours of day and night are the same. Yet from this day onwards, the dark will win out against the light, and whispers of winter become stronger.  

The Autumn Equinox begins at dawn at 7.35am.

Join us in the warm blue waters of Galway Bay as the sun rises. We’ll be in the sea from 7.30am.

And join us for a warming cup of tea or coffee and pastry afterwards.

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This event is organised by the Galway Cycling Campaign and funded through a Bike Week 2020 grant awarded by Galway City Council.

Bike Week is a Government of Ireland initiative, under the broader Active Travel initiative.


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