Dublin Cycling Campaign fighting the good fight

RTE Six One News Website on the 14.11.2007. Tom Kelly reports that the Chairman of the Dublin Cycling Campaign has criticised plans for a cycling lane on O’Connell St
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Another example of how Local Authorities in Ireland are wasting money on cycle lanes and cycle paths. The message is finally getting out that they are far more dangerous than helpful for cyclists.
Any thoughts on the bollards? Would probably have to use that section of road to fully comment – but I can see issues in keeping it clear of grit! Will a street sweeper be able to clean the street? Thats the biggest issue I have with cycle lanes compared with normal roads or bus lanes. They are basically grit collectors as vehicles dont drive in them and they end up collecting debris. Have the exact same problem with Cyclepaths that run by the side of a road – the end up full of grit and debris. In the end its far more dangerous to use them compared to a normal road. Classic case here in Galway is the so called cycle lanes on the Western Distributor Road – bloody grit collectors!!






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