Cyclists praise canal path resurfacing

The Galway Cycling Campaign expressed thanks to Galway City Council, the Lough Corrib Navigation Trustees, and everyone involved in the recent resurfacing of the path along the Eglinton Canal. This is a very popular route among pedestrians and cyclists – including many students, since it leads directly to the university entrance on University Road.

The Galway Cycling Campaign were very pleased to see that the new surface on the canal path is of a bright colour that reflects the streetlights at night. The new path enhances the visibility of pedestrians and cyclists using it, as well as reducing the likelihood of collisions and falls as a result of obstacles and surface imperfections. Spokesperson Shane Foran said that the new light-coloured footpath “would make the route safer and more enjoyable for all its users”.

In its submission to the Draft City Development Plan 2005–11, the Galway Cycling Campaign drew attention to the problem of night time visbility in Galway with dark walls and poorly-contrasting footpaths and other surfaces, and called for light-coloured footpaths and other designs that would “reflect more light and provide a contrasting background against which pedestrians and cyclists might be more clearly seen”. The Cycling Campaign hopes that the canal works signal the start of a new trend toward brighter, more people-friendly public spaces in Galway.

Mr. Foran reminded cyclists that the canal route is a “shared facility” and that cyclists must be considerate at all times to pedestrians using the same space.

[An abridged version of this press release was printed in the Galway Advertiser of 5 February 2009.]






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