Cyclists Mark Road Safety Week with Education Campaign

The Galway Cycling Campaign is marking the first
United Nations Global Road Safety Week with an
education campaign for the city’s road users. Over the
week, which runs from 23-29 April, campaign volunteers
will be distributing “Share the Road” guidance
leaflets at various locations around Galway. The
leaflets are targeted at adult cyclists as well as
motorists and their aim is to promote safer road use
by encouraging greater tolerance and understanding
between all road users.

The guide for adult cyclists describes essential
traffic skills and general good practice for cycling
in Galway City, as well as reminding cyclists of their
legal obligations and rights on the road. The guide
for motorists contains similar information, looked at
from the driver’s perspective.

Education Officer for the Galway Cycling Campaign,
Oisín Ó Nidh, said that one of the main aims of the
organisation is to promote road safety, not just for
cyclists but for pedestrians and motorists also.
“Cycling is a fantastic way of getting around Galway,
if you go about it the right way,” Mr. Ó Nidh said.
“It’s definitely healthier, often easier, frequently
faster and is certainly better for the environment.
Making it safer multiplies the benefits for
individuals and for the community. Safer cycling
encourages more people to get on their bikes, and the
more cyclists there are, the safer cycling becomes.
Everybody benefits.”

The guides emphasise that a bicycle is legally a
vehicle, and that therefore cyclists are required to
obey all the standard rules of the road. “The slogan
for Global Road Safety Week is ‘Road Safety Is No
Accident’,” Mr Ó Nidh said. “Sharing the road safely
requires all road users to behave with courtesy,
tolerance and common sense. Road safety requires
cooperation and cop-on, and it should be everybody’s
business. That includes policy-makers and road
designers, because road safety is about much more than
individual behaviour. Structural measures designed to
reduce speed and alleviate traffic are essential. The
Galway Cycling Campaign is playing its part, and we
welcome any new members that would like to get
involved. Anybody interested can find out more at”



For confirmation & further information, please

Simon Comer, PRO 087 9915 917

Shane Foran, Chair 087 9935 993






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