Cycling Campaign raises concerns about Fr Griffin Rd proposals.

The Galway Cycling Campaign has raised concerns about proposals to
rearrange the junction at the Fire Station on Fr Griffin Rd. The
proposals are due to come before the City Council meeting on Monday
9th September. The cyclists say this is a key junction, serving
districts with the highest levels of cycling in the city and that the
changes could have negative effects for these road users. They are
calling for cycle lanes to be included in the redesign.

The proposals will convert the one-way section of Fairhill opposite
the Fire Station to two-way use and will allow cars to turn into this
section from Fr Griffin Rd. For the cyclists, the issue is that the
council are proposing to put dedicated right-turn lanes on Fr Griffin
Rd. They say that this will have the effect of pushing the main
traffic queues into the edge of the road thus blocking out cyclists on
a key route into the city. According to the Cycle Campaign, the
changes will have the effect of pushing cyclists up onto the footpaths
to keep moving.

According to Campaign spokesperson Oisin O’Nidh “There

aren’t cycle lanes at this junction but it works well for cyclists at
the moment because motorists using tend to stay in the right hand lane
when queuing at the lights”. He continued “this means there is usually
space for cyclists to keep moving – our reading of the new design is
that it will push cars into this space leaving cyclists with nowhere
to go”. Census data in the draft Galway Walking and Cycling Strategy
show that Salthill, the Taylors Hill area and the Claddagh have the
highest levels of cycling to work. In 2006, 9% of Salthill, 8% of
Taylors Hill residents and 7% of Claddagh residents cycled to work or

education. The junction at the Fire Station is on the direct route
into the city for many of these cyclists. In an alternative proposal
the Galway Cycling Campaign is a calling for cycle lanes to be
provided on Fr Griffin Rd as part of these works.

At today’s (9th of September 2013) City Hall meeting the council will also consider proposals for traffic calming at various locations including Dr. Mannix and Rahoon
Rds. The cycling campaign is in favour of this part of the proposals
and welcomes these measures as creating safer more attractive places
for cycling and walking.






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