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Last Sunday morning the 22nd of April 08, I did a 20 minute video piece Question and Answer Session for Comhairle na nOg at the “Gaff” on St. Francis Street re Public Transportation and Cycling in Galway.
Comhairle na nÓg is a forum/body for young people in Galway City

They are shooting a documentary on Public Transport in Galway. They also interviewed Niall Ó Brolcháin and other public representatives for this documentary.
As is common with these type of video pieces – what sections wont be on the edit room floor is hard to say.

Some of the questions and answers that were posed were as follows:

Q: Do you use Public Transport ?
A: No I cycle everywhere in Galway City.
Q: What is your experience of the public transport system in Galway?
A: Far to slow – Cycling is fastest mode of transport in the city especially during morning and evening rush hour – Cycling trips always takes the same length of time add +or – 5 minutes if its windy. Can’t guarantee this via Car or Bus because of traffic.

Q: What are possible solutions/ improvments to this in your view?
A: From Cycling Perspective. Reduce Speed limits in the city center to 30km/h, Remove Galways Roundabouts. Very Dangerous for Cyclists and Pedestrians. Allow Cyclists to use One Way streets as two-way streets.
Put in more Bike parking in the City Center and at Public Buildings.
Improve Road Surfaces.
Put in ASL (Advanced Stop Lines) at Traffic Light Junctions + add Cycle Lanes approaching Traffic Lights to allow Cyclists to filter foward to top of the junction/lights. etc etc

All other questions were answered by promoting benefits of cycling as one of the best transportation solutions for a small city like Galway.
The video is to be shown to the Tranportation SPC Committee of the Galway City Council in the near future and once its posted on the Web I will send the link out and post onto our Website.

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