Chief Super Curley responds to Galway Cycling Campaign letter

Galway Cycling Campaign (GCC) wrote a letter to Galway’s Chief Superintendent Tom Curley seeking clarification on his recent comments regarding cycling two abreast at a Joint Policing Committee meeting. A newspaper article quoted him as stating that it is unlawful in Ireland for cyclists to cycle side-by-side, that cyclists must cycle in single file. The reported remarks were at variance with the law.
To see our letter click here:
Galway Cycling Campaign letter to Supt Tom Curley r.e. cycling two abreast comments at Gway Co Joint Policing Committee

He responded to GCC, saying, “At this particular Joint Policing Committee in November 2017, the issue of cycling was discussed as part of a wider conversation on road safety and should not be taken as a legal interpretation of the legislation you have correctly quoted.”
Here is a photo of the letter:






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