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We work hard to improve conditions for cyclists in Galway city and county, with the aim of a healthier and happier environment for everyone. Your membership is vital to support our efforts, helping to give cyclists a louder voice, and adding weight to our campaigns. We lobby to have cycling placed at the centre of transport and planning policies, striving for very best facilities and the safest roads for all.

New faces are always welcome! If you’d like to join the Galway Cycling Campaign, you can get involved in any capacity and to whatever extent suits you.

Browse the Projects and activities section to see the kind of things we do, and read about how the Galway Cycling Campaign works below for a sense of how these projects get going.

If you’d like to meet us first, come along to one of our regular informal social evenings – we post the details on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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How the Galway Cycling Campaign Works

People sometimes wonder how the Galway Cycling Campaign works.

We’re very much ‘member-driven’. Members make their own suggestions for what we could do. If the proposal – no matter how big or small – aligns with our goals, we’ll support it. Here’s the key:

A suggestion is just the beginning. It must be researched, lobbied for, or whatever it takes. Ideally, everybody is keen and helps out. But somebody has to drive it forward, or the idea will fade fast.

Sometimes the initial effort is all from one person, but once there’s a committed start, others will help drive it forward.

You can still suggest something even if you don’t have the time or energy to push it. It often happens that a member proposes something and others see that it’s worth their attention.

The key is that all our campaign issues are driven by somebody, whatever their position in the group.

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