About us

Galway Cycling Campaign is a voluntary group which represents cyclists in Galway. We promote cycling as a common and accessible form of transport with the goal of creating a more liveable Galway for everyone.

Our Story

We are:

  • The voice of Galway cyclists since 1998.
  • People who use bicycles as an everyday form of transport – for work, school, college, shopping, socialising, leisure, and recreation.
  • An independent, membership-driven organisation made up of dedicated volunteers.
  • Advocates for all road users, including pedestrians, public transport users, families, and people with disabilities.
  • Experts in international best practice for sustainable transport. Our greatest asset is our members’ knowledge and expertise, built up over decades.

It’s better by bike

Walking or cycling was the mode used for nearly 45% of all journeys under two kilometres, according to the latest CSO tranport survey for short journeys (less than two kilometres).

  • Walk/Cycle 44.7%
  • Private car 50.3%
  • Lorry/Motorcycle/Taxi/Hackney 1.7%
  • Public Transport 1%

Our vision for Galway is a place where everyone can travel easily, safely and enjoyably by bicycle, making it a healthier and happier city for everyone.

What we do
  • Help people to start cycling and stay cycling.
  • Lobby for safer roads and better facilities in Galway for cyclists and pedestrians of all skill levels, ages and backgrounds.
  • Constantly monitor issues affecting cyclists in Galway.
  • Consider the implications for cyclists of new developments/strategies and make submissions to relevant local and national authorities.
  • Share our expertise with decision makers and the public.
  • Meet up for regular socials.
  • Collaborate with other community organisations.
  • Give interviews to news media.
  • Represent cyclists on various committees.
  • Support initiatives that promote cycling tourism.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to make Galway cycling-friendly.

Our goals are to:

  • Give a voice to cyclists in Galway
  • Work to make the roads safer for everyone who cycles or wants to cycle
  • Encourage cycling as an everyday form of travel
  • Campaign to improve services for cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users
  • Advise on best practice for sustainable transport.

Cycling is not given the recognition it deserves in Galway, and significant change is needed to fix this. The Galway Cycling Campaign exists for this reason.


Galway Cycling Campaign was established in 1998 following a large public meeting, born of a great need for cyclists to have a unifying representative voice. Our first chairman was Brendan Geoghegan.


We support:

  • more bicycle parking for Galway
  • expansion of Galway Bike Share Scheme
  • a car-free Galway city centre
  • 20 km speed limits in certain residential areas
  • cycle skills training for adults and children
  • well-designed greenways that get local buy-in
  • greenway connecting Ballybrit and Parkmore
  • cycle routes to key workplaces, including NUIG, UCH, city centre and Parkmore.